Austin + Kayla

How old are you?

We are both 27.  About six months apart, so Kayla is older for half a year every year. 

Where are you from?

We are both from Payne County, Oklahoma.  We love it there. Go Pokes!

Why do you blog/vlog?

Connection. Community. Education. Memories.

Where is all the girl stuff?

Kayla here. I'm so glad you asked.  Find me and all that fun girl/wife stuff over on my blog! www.thekaylaross.com

Will you be doing any more cooking videos?

Kayla will share recipes here and on her blog.  Some of our favorites are here, here, and here.  If you want more. They are coming.  Send me a request if you have something specific in mind. 

Do you have kids?  Do you want kids?

No and of course!!  We have talked about having kids since before we were married.  Kids are in our future for sure. We just don't know when. 

Do you live in an RV or a house? I'm confused.

Welcome to our world! :)  We primarily live in our fifth-wheel.  On average we are on the road away from home 9+ months a year for the last 5 years. We do have a "big house" as the pipeline world calls it back in Oklahoma. We stay there when we are "home," but we also call our RV home so we can totally understand why you may get confused.  Home is where we are? 

Pipeline Life

New to pipeline life?

Start here.  If you aren't into video or have a specific questions please send us a message  or DM us on your favorite social. We can't wait to talk pipeline life with you.

Can you post more welding videos?

Welding is very much a part of our life.  This space is for our whole life though.  Look forward to tips on welding and weld test because it will be sprinkled in, but that isn't all our Youtube channel or this blog will be about.  Hope you will stay, but understand if your looking for something different. 

Does Kayla get lonely?  What does Kayla do all day?

Yes, I do.  In fact, I even made a video about it.  I rarely get homesick, but being lonely on the road is a very real thing.  I like to say I do all the things, but not every day.  My days are filled with taking care of the dogs, cooking, cleaning, running errands, laundry, editing (a lot of this), launching our business, running our social media accounts, answering comments, and making the big picture plans (and sometimes actions) for both business and our personal lives. 


What washer and dryer do you have.

We have a Whirlpool washer and a Whirlpool dryer. They are made to stack, but live in our hallway closet side by side.  We did a video about them here

What RV do you have?  Do you suggest it?

We have a 2013 Open Range 424RLS.  We purchased it new in Feb. 2013.  We are constantly back and forth on if we would suggest it.  I love the floor plan, but we have had problems some small and some big over the years. 

Youtube | Photography | Gear

How can we support your channel/content?

A couple different ways actually.  We have combined all the ways and links to make it easy for you HERE.  Check out this page. Thank you for your support and love.

What cameras do you use?

Photography - My main shooter is my Canon 5D Mark ii.  I primarily shoot with a 50mm or 70-200mm lens.  I also carry my Canon Rebel t3i with a kit lens.  This is for faster shots or when I need something lighter.  It is also the only way I can get a simi wide shot right now.

Video - Our main video camera right now is the Canon G7X. 

Drone - Mavic Pro

KIT is where I have a list and links to all my gear if you are interested you can check it out here.

What is the best camera to get started on?

I have always suggested the rebel line from Canon.  You can find these with great starter kits at a good price. Here is the most recent one.

What editing software do you use?

Photography - I primarily use Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.

Video - I use the iMovie program that came free on my MacBook Pro.

What camera bag do you use?

It kinda depends.  Most recently I have been using a backpack and currently own the Peak Designs Everyday bag, but for years I have loved my Kelly Moore Libby.  

How can I find your favorite gear / gear reviews?

Yes!  We love gear and have finally found a simple way to share it all with you.  Check out our KIT page.  All of our favorite things perfectly organized by category and linked to the products so you can find/buy easily.  Who doesn't love a good easy recommend and online purchase.  We know we do. 

How do I start a Youtube channel?

Kayla gives some of her beginner tips in this video, but really you just have to start!

Gingham and Paisley

What breed are they?

Pembroke Corgi

How are they so cute?

We ask ourselves that every day.  I don't know how it is possible. 

Do they shed?

Uncontrollably.  [If you don't like dog hair - don't come over]

I love em.  Where can I see more corgi cuteness?

They have their own Instagram @GingahamandPaisley.  Follow them there.

On the blog here.

On YouTube here


If haven't found an answer?  Drop us a line or use the search box below.