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First of all, we are so glad that you are here.  Seriously.  When Kayla starting sharing on the internet years ago we had no idea the impact everyone we met online would have on our lives.  It has changed us.  It has changed who we are, how we share, and our plans for the future. So, thank you.  Even if you are new.  You are important to us and we are so thankful you found us.  Drop us a line anytime, we love hearing from "our crew."

About us

No formal stuff here (probably ever) so if you are curious who the heck we are and what life has looked like up until now you can probably find it here.  We give you the short and long version.  Life is weird and ours defiantly hasn't been anything like we planned. 

New to Pipeline

We create a whole "New to Pipeline" series.  In the series we answer questions like "How do I get a pipeline job?" and "How much do pipeliner's make?". You can find the videos in a playlist over on our Youtube channel.


We really are just about as "normal" as they come.  On this page we try to answer the most asked questions so you don't have to wonder because Kayla is a super curious person and totally gets just wanting to know the answers to these common questions. 

The Welding Rig

We love Austin's truck.  He worked so hard on it.  Pretty neat that something that looks cool, was fun to built is also what he works out of every day. We don't have videos of him building it, but you can take a tour here.


Following along on the blog is probably the most up to date way to connect with us.  We can let you know when we post new stuff if you leave us your email here.  If that isn't your thing then check back here, follow us on social media, and subscribe to our channel.  

Travel Journal

We created a travel journal more for personal memories, but share it here for our die hard friends who want it all.  It is more simple than our regular blog, but each trip offers something different and we don't want to forget a thing.